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MEET DUCHESS!!!!! small kitten 3 months old :) duchess is the cuddliest girl of her litter of 5 (The Aristocats Litter). All the Siblings pulled from the shelter’s euth list just in time. Dropped off without mama with only an hour to plan for a chance at life. At only 2-weeks-old, they required bottle feeding every few hours, but now, they’re fierce with so much personality. You’ll always be entertained and never short on love. This kitty would be an excellent addition, always ready to curl up in your lap and purr even while snoozing. She is a purrrrfect kitten!!!!! TAKE HER HOME :)

You won’t regret taking a chance on this wonderful kitten. ADOPT TODAY! apply at Bubblesdogrescue.org (cat adoption application!)

  • Female
  • Baby (0 - 8 Months)
  • California
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