Apply to Surrender a Dog

Surrendering Your Pet

*Please DO NOT post your pet on craigslist or ever offer them for free. Many cruel and heinous things may happen to them.

If your desire to re-home your dog is because of behavioral or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional. Adopting a dog includes taking care of these circumstances that may come up. We are happy to suggest the ones we use.

If the issue is housing, please remember your dog is a member of your family. Consider offering your landlord a refundable pet deposit. Sometimes that is enough to alleviate a landlord’s concerns. Or, if you are open to moving, there are realtors dedicated to helping you find a place that allows you to rent with your dog. Large property management companies often have blanket policies that may be more difficult to alter. Contact landlords of smaller properties directly, and be sure to show off your well-behaved dog.

Our decision to accept your pet is likely a no. You committed to your pet for life when you adopted them and added them into your family. Please consider doing whatever is necessary to keep them safely in your home.

Note : If you adopted your pet through Bubbles Dog Rescue and circumstances will not allow you to keep him/her, you are required to contact the adoptions person IMMEDIATELY.