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Buddy is about 1.5 years old and a medium sized Shepherd mix. We decided to compile some notes from his current and past fosters, here they are!
1    Buddy is the sweetest and loves every human he encounters. He literally will lean up against you for pets and enjoys nuzzling his face in your armpit for comfort. Fantastic with kids of all sizes.
    2    He loves long walks
    3    He had a one-sided friendship with the fosters cat during his stay - the cat obviously wanted nothing to do with him, but he always tried to snuggle
    4    He's the best dog they’ve ever had with the crate. Goes in easy for treats and is so quiet and chill throughout the night
    5    They had no issues with any destruction of things around the house, except he does like to sneakily steal dirty socks.
    6    Buddy is NOT super vocal or high energy and listens very well. But Buddy knows his name!
    7 he’s potty trained!
    8 He gets very excited with bikes and motorcycles and does a cute little shimmy dance to decide whether or not to chase them. It's the same thing with balls (we took him to my partner's soccer practice) - he'd be a great pal to play fetch with!

As you can read , Buddy is the sweetest most loving and kind boy who has such a fun and cuddly personality.

He would also be perfect for a family or person who either has a yard or is active or loves adventures!!!

Please apply to adopt Buddy at bubblesdogrescue.org/adopt

  • Shepherd - German
  • Male
  • 2 Years OldMy DoB is 02/18/2022 (Estimated)
  • California
  • Grey & Brown
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
Special Needs (Medical)
Medical Condition
Special Needs (Emotional)
Calm Home/Quiet Environment Required
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